Twitter as a Hotels Portal

I really like the new Twitter interface, it’s brilliant, it keeps the simplicity of Twitter with the chance to integrate images or videos and other stuff. I’m managing several web advertising campaigns for a small hotels portal based in Rimini (, a famous Italian seaside city on the Adriatic. I’m currently using Twitter to send special offers update to our followers, few days ago I was looking for a way to improve my “tweets”, while I was browsing Twitter I had the Idea to create a mash up. I created an account on flickr where I could store the pictures of the hotels, then I started to post tweets with the link of the images and the different special deals from the hotels. In addition to the picture, I also used the location option. The result is this twitter hotel page: On the top you can find the “deal” then the picture of the Hotel and at the bottom the map with the phone number of the Hotel. To make this stuff more interesting, when available I attached also a video from Vimeo and the result was this: twitter video hotel page. To give more informations about the deal at the end of the tweet I’ve added the link to the actual hotel page on, the icing on the cake is the shortened URL, in fact I’ve used the web site that allows me to create URL like this:
There is still room for improvements, I’ve few other ideas to work on, I will post updates in the future. There are just two issue right now…

1) @iperhotel follower base is small
2) the current web site is old

To solve the first issue we will begin a Twitter advertising campaign in June, and we will release a new web site soon with some cool and original feature.
Video after the break:

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